SLide in Motion

Time has come to use new ways for understanding data, taking decisions and communicating with a strong and appealing message. Iconocast has developped a cutting edge technology, named SLide in Motion (SLiM), which encompasses all these aspects.

The 3 Ds of data visualization

Discover, Decide, Deliver


SLiM has a powerful and unique approach for representing data : it analyzes their type and related meta-data, and then chooses the best way to represent them.

Based on Jacques Bertin and Edward Tufte works, specialists in analytic design, SLiM has a number of representations increasing and adapting with the volume of data, their outliers and their nature.


With embedded features for filtering data, based on modern graphical capabilities, SLiM takes advantages of a powerful filtering device : your eye.

SLiM provides an immersive and interactive way for taking the best decisions, for doing the right prioritization of information and expressing the most relevant facts.


At last, the right message is not necessarily the most relevant depending on your audience. Medium is a key issue that needs to be well adressed.

SLiM is a technology that takes advantages of each medium. When interactivity is needed, it is possible for each attendee to manipulate data. SLiM is then a powerful idea medium, a kind of "think-terface".

Welcome to Dig Data!

Big Data is a reality, but not yet Big DataViz. Ready to shift ?
Big Data needs Machine Learning algorithms for retrieving informations and displaying it. That's a fact. But Crowd Mining is another approach : SLiM allows to build and deploy self-powered tools that are tightly instrumented. Beyond a certain number of times, convergence of behaviors is a reliable knowledge that becomes a new asset, able to be leveraged.

A picture is worth 1000 words

Having a dozen of graphical representations limits you to a dozen of ways to express data. When dealing with processes, hierarchies, non-numeric or more-than-2-dimensions data, it is quite hard to express its own message with charts or pies.

SLiM analyzes data structure and values, and defines the best way to represent them. Everything is customizable and data are now closely tied to their semantic.

Full graphical power

Why limit to a very small number of representations and use some Tetris-aged techniques ? Are slides with static columns, bars and pies enough ? They may certainly lock you in a sequential list of facts.

SLiM takes a full advantage of present-day graphical power with modern GPUs. You can record the way you want to show your data, but you can also recover the full control at any time.

Real-time visualizations

Vision is a powerful processus for filtering informations. For a real-time use, a smooth, relaxing and pleasant visualization is something convenient, not to say mandatory from a usability point of view.

SLiM can integrate function-based representations able to modify on the fly colors, sizes or flickering behaviors for drawing attention properly on important events.

The Slide is not enough!

You have 30 seconds to gain the attention of your audience.

Slides are only there to support the speaker. Voice mastering, effective timing or deep comprehension of the subject are also key assets for a successful presentation. But what about the aesthetic side of animated and appealing presentations? Motion suits naturally to a story-telling approach. As audience is not a robotic entity and can have an attractive feeling to some cinema techniques, this effect may last more than 30 seconds.

And so on !

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